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Many of us have broken our hearts in a relationship where our partner is emotionally unavailable. Why not look for the traits and stay away from them. Go through the traits in the blog below.

Emotionally Unavailable
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Social interactions form the core of attraction for most people as they look for that dream romantic partner or simply want to broaden their friend circle. Some choose to interact with others in a more vibration-boosting, compassionate way.

The risk associated with such connections involves devoting both energy and time to an emotionally unavailable person and this kind of toxic relationship is both harmful and draining.

Those wondering about what it means to be emotionally unavailable should consider some key signs to identify this trait.

Traits of an Emotionally Unavailable Person

1. They avoid conversations that go deeper

When someone you are seeing does not show any interest in your conversations regarding relationships, this shows emotional unavailability. When they do not wish to communicate or participate in discussion regarding commitment or closeness, be wary. Someone who is not sharing anything personally impactful is not there for serious relationships.

2. They don’t want to know much about you

Such people view others as objects they can benefit from through manipulation. To them, everyone is a possible pawn to play with and use to their advantage. Their interest may lie only in the sexual aspects of the relationship without any attempt at further connections. They do not take the time to get to know you but only talk about baser things.

3. They don’t compromise their time

Emotionally unavailable people do not understand your feelings because they are narcissists and value control without any compromises. The person you date may want you to do everything possible to work around a schedule they set. You cannot expect the same from them, however. They think that everything revolves around them and there is no emotional depth or understanding that relationships work both ways.

4. Their words don’t match their actions

This can be due to a genuine desire for manipulation or merely a disconnect between a person’s capabilities and desires. Someone emotionally unavailable rarely offers what they promise. In relationships, this is apparent when one keeps delaying having children or getting married. In friendships, this becomes obvious when you plan trips or make plans long-term.

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5. They avoid Labels

It is worrisome when someone in a relationship pretends that he or she is not in a relationship. This could mean that someone is not yet ready to label the relationship, which suggests the relationship is not developing organically in a healthy manner. When someone is not yet ready to define it or talk about their expectations, and yet benefits from the union, this person is not yet a ready partner. Continue reading more on traits of emotionally unavailable partners by clicking here…

Originally published at https://divineyouwellness.com on January 4, 2022.




An experienced Life Coach and writer for lifestyle — wellness industry. I write content on personal, financial, and generational wholeness tips for my audience.

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Ellice. W

Ellice. W

An experienced Life Coach and writer for lifestyle — wellness industry. I write content on personal, financial, and generational wholeness tips for my audience.

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