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Many of us have a tendency of overthinking, which makes us do wrong things as in high pressure, we might take wrong decisions and it might impact our lives negatively but if we are aware of what we are doing then maybe we might be able to stop it, here are some of the things overthinking makes us do check them out

Overthinking Anxiety
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Some people find the simplest things hard like ordering lunch or sending a short email to a coworker. Being overwhelmed by small tasks is due to overthinking tendency and anxiety. This makes people think everything is a high-pressure situation where a wrong decision could be made.

Such a tendency impacts life negatively causing many people to constantly seek reassurance in their decisions. Overthinking symptoms such as misery, anger, or anxiety cloud your judgment, preventing any positive action.

8 Things Your Overthinking Anxiety is Making You Do

1. Overplanning

Planning goes into everything you do or every decision you make, giving you more control no matter the outcome. You may already have a Plan B in mind if things start to go badly. You are also likely to pack everything for a short trip just in case you need it.

2. You Find it difficult to let things go

You attach easily to things important to you. Since there is much investment of energy and time, letting things go when things do not work out becomes hard. It is common to ruminate about it even after letting it go, at least in the mind. Thinking eats away at the thoughts.

3. You want to get everything right

A perfectionist has pride in his or her achievement and strives to give their best in everything. When things do not go as expected, overthinkers become their harshest critics. It is both a strength and a weakness; one must cut himself or herself some slack and realize that not everything can be perfect.

4. You have trouble making a decision

Such people are indecisive and spend a lot of time contemplating making a decision. It is never easy for them to simply decide because the brain is processing more than 30 possibilities simultaneously. When the time comes for choosing quickly, they feel uncomfortable and they spend time mulling over things that could have occurred instead of the happiness they should feel. They make decisions only after serious thinking.

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5. You ask for reassurance

Over-explaining things and seeking reassurance constantly on things that do not matter to a regular person is a sign of overthinking. This involves giving unnecessary details to explain things better. The mind tells different stories by the minute. People tend to push them away as they cannot understand this constant requirement for reassurance. This makes the situation worse for the overthinkers. Click here to continue reading more on overthinking anxiety…

Originally published at https://divineyouwellness.com on December 23, 2021.




An experienced Life Coach and writer for lifestyle — wellness industry. I write content on personal, financial, and generational wholeness tips for my audience.

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Ellice. W

Ellice. W

An experienced Life Coach and writer for lifestyle — wellness industry. I write content on personal, financial, and generational wholeness tips for my audience.

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