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Often, spiritualism is a hot topic of discussion. We believe the enlightened soul is sympathetic, affectionate, and astute. These qualities define spiritual beings, yet it’s difficult to analyze if we are not enlightened ourselves.

“The strong overcome their opponents, the mighty crush them, the shrewd outwit them, the cowardly hide from them, but the enlightened transcend them.” Matshona Dhliwayo
(Philosopher & Entrepreneur)

People are led onto the spiritual path through a transformation in their lives. Usually, it’s observed that enlightened people experience tough life challenges before they come on the spiritual path. Further, since every individual is at a different point in their journey, they experience different levels of enlightenment; some are evolving while others may have achieved the highest spiritual level. So, let’s explore the eminent qualities that define enlightened people.

How does spiritual awakening occur?

Usually, we all are on autopilot mode from the moment we wake up until we hit the sack. In the chaos of routine, we neglect to take a pause and be in the moment. However, when we consciously begin to evaluate our existence and purpose; it’s at that moment we start our spiritual journey.

Being spiritual does not indicate that you should quit your life and become ascetic, rather it’s the awakening of your senses that enables you to analyze your metaphysical realm. For instance, you begin to question yourself on the mood swings that you have, or why you favor a specific diet. Or perhaps you begin to wonder why you let stress change your demeanor, knowing that eventually, you would turn to ashes and dust, and what will be left behind is the memory of you as a person. It’s your choice to leave a memory behind of a happy, considerate, and loving person, or a sulky individual. And, that’s when your spiritual journey starts.

1) Kindness

Treating others with respect, listening to others, acknowledging your mistakes, and being honest are the traits that make people fall in love with you. Since you are kind, balanced, and respectful towards yourself, you exude those qualities, which is why others always want to be around you. Remember, positivity attracts people just like bees are attracted to fragrant flowers. You continue to be chivalrous and encouraging towards others even if they don’t reciprocate. This unique trait is what sets you apart from others.

2) Calmness

Since enlightened people are free from fear and other negative emotions, they are always calm even in a tight spot. By practicing spirituality, they learn that the human form is beyond physical perception. They recognize that they must make efforts to liberate themselves from misery. Since they know the truth, they no longer fear the unknown and are not worried about their present and future.

3) Open-mindedness

Enlightened people are spiritually and mentally open, as they realize their existence is beyond the physical realm of human perception. They realize that life is not constructed from tangible things, and we are a fragment of sand in the vast universe. A positive mindset allows us to learn new things and perceive the world without prejudices. Thus, open-mindedness allows us to see, listen, and analyze the situation before we respond.

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4) Compassionate

Enlightened people realize that all physical forms (plants, animals, humans) are interdependent on each other for their survival. Hence, the sense to care and nurture for others gets instilled once they begin to walk on the spiritual path.

5) Synchronicity with self

Enlightened soul deeply values their relationship with themselves as much as they value their bond with others. They ensure to spend time with themselves daily through yoga, meditation, practicing arts or a hobby, or physical activities like running. They make a conscious effort to attune their holistic self to decrease the worldly noise and achieve inner calm and strength. Subsequently, they uplift themselves from self-doubt and worries and seek a hopeful and positive life. No wonder the positive aura of such people quickly engages the crowd with them. Continue reading more on 8 signs of the enlightened soul by clicking here…

Originally published at on March 3, 2022.




An experienced Life Coach and writer for lifestyle — wellness industry. I write content on personal, financial, and generational wholeness tips for my audience.

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Ellice. W

Ellice. W

An experienced Life Coach and writer for lifestyle — wellness industry. I write content on personal, financial, and generational wholeness tips for my audience.

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